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Faculty, graduate students and many undergraduate students conduct fundamental and applied research in most aspects of modern chemical engineering. In addition to the classical subjects of the curriculum-thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, kinetics and reaction engineering and transport phenomena—we have active research programs in frontier subjects such as systems biology, microfluidics, nanotechnology, high-throughput experimentation, energy production using fuel cells and many others. We maintain an up-to-date program by the frequent addition of new faculty with expertise in novel and exciting research areas, and by existing faculty starting new research programs within their groups. The vigorous and ever-changing program has been a hallmark of our department since the late forties and attests at the dedication of both faculty and students to apply scientific understanding to meeting human needs. We are among the most productive departments in terms of number of Ph.D. degrees that are given each year and our graduates follow industrial and academic careers with equal success.


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