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NameTitle / PositionAdvisorRoomext.Email
Akepati, Sri V.R.DS Masters StudentJayaraman, A.357 CLB
Collins, AudreyArts and Sciences Student (CBI)Jayaraman, A.313 CLB2213audreyc@udel.edu
Cruz, TeresaBISC Grad StudentFromen, C.119 CLB6857cruztere@udel.edu
Donnelly, RoisinBME Grad StudentWagner, N.047 CLB2957roisind@udel.edu
Halaszynski, NicoleMSEG Grad StudentKloxin, C.129 CLB0877halaszyn@udel.edu
Jang, DaseulMSEG Grad StudentKorley, L.121 CLB6314dsjang@udel.edu
Kim, DajeongMSEG Grad StudentEpps, T.151 CLB6636dajeongk@udel.edu
Klincewicz, FrancisMSEG Grad StudentKorley, L.017 CLB0741francisk@udel.edu
Linkins, JahnaeBIOM Grad StudentWagner, N.042 CLB6738jlinkins@udel.edu
Liu, SiyuanMSEG Grad StudentKorley, L.129 CLB0877yuann@udel.edu
Mahajan, JigneshMSEG Grad StudentEpps, T. / Korley, L.017 CLB0741jignesh@udel.edu
Mathey, SuhasElectrical & Computer Engineering Grad StudentKorley, L.357 CLBmscristy@udel.edu
Moore, DeVonteBME Grad StudentKloxin, A.219 CLB4528jayhawk@udel.edu
Morgan, AustinBME Grad StudentBlenner, M.amorgan@udel.edu
Nagidi, Lalith TejaDS Masters StudentJayaraman, A.363 CLB
Pourmiri, ShirinPHYS Grad StudentWagner, N.047 CLB2957pourmiri@udel.edu
Ravva, Pavan UttejMEEG Grad StudentJayaraman, A.363 CLBravva@udel.edu
Shahfar, HassanCAS Grad StudentRoberts, C.BPIhshahfar@udel.edu
Sharafi, SoodabehMSEG Grad StudentEpps, T.145 CLB6636sharafee@udel.edu
Shete, AbhiskekMSEG Grad StudentKloxin, C.129 CLB0877ashete@udel.edu
Thompson, ChaseMSEG Grad StudentKorley, L.121 CLB6314cbt@udel.edu
van de Voorde, KristenMSEG Grad StudentKorley, L.115 CLB6314kmv@udel.edu
Yang, MengyingMSEG Grad StudentEpps, T.145 CLB6636sdyoung@udel.edu

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