Emeritus Faculty

NameEducationAdditional Information
Mark A. Barteau
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Emeritus
UD Faculty Member 1982-2012
B.S. - 1976 - Washington University
M.S. - 1977 - Stanford University
Ph.D. - 1981 - Stanford University
Douglas J. Buttrey
UD Faculty Member 1987-2023
B.S. - 1976 - Wayne State University
M.S. - 1978 - Purdue University
Ph.D. - 1984 - Purdue University
Research Interests: Synthesis and characterization of advanced materials for catalysis and energy-related applications. CV
Michael T. Klein
Unidel Dan Rich Chair in Energy,
UD Faculty Member 2010-2020
B.ChE. - 1977 - University of Delaware
Sc.D. - 1981 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Expertise in chemical reaction engineering, with special emphasis on the kinetics of complex systems. CV
Stanley I. Sandler
H.B. duPont Chair of Chemical Engineering, Emeritus
UD Faculty Member 1967-2019
B.ChE. - 1962 - City College of New York
Ph.D. - 1966 - University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, computational quantum mechanics, phase equilibria, separations processes, biochemical separations. CV

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