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William H. Hartt IV



  • Doctorate – 1995 Virginia Tech
  • Bachelor – 1991 Virginia Tech

About William H. Hartt

Will Hartt is a Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the University of Delaware. He joined the department in 2022 after spending over twenty five years at the Procter & Gamble Company in the Corporate Engineering Technologies Lab. Will’s research and teaching interests are in product and process design involving complex fluids. He is active in the Society of Rheology and AIChE’s North American Mixing Forum. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Rheology and is a fellow of the Society of Rheology.

Select Publications

  1. E. Tozzi and W.H. Hartt, “Non-Newtonian laminar flow in pipes using radius, stress, shear rate or velocity as the independent variable”, Physics of Fluids 33(10), 103104 (2021). Special issue: Celebration of Robert Byron Bird (1924-2020)
  2. M. Mahmoudabadbozchelou, M. Caggioni, S. Shahsavari, G. Karniadakis, S. Jamali, “Data-driven physics-informed constitutive metamodeling of complex fluids: a multifidelity neural network (MFNN) framework”, Journal of Rheology, Vol. 65(2), 179 (2021)
  3. W.H. Hartt, “Mixing and scale-up of evolving complex fluids”, Invited speaker AIChE Annual Meeting – Novel Flows 2020
  4. W.H. Hartt, M. Caggioni, J. Feng, S. Shahsavari, and E. Tozzi, “Pumping structured fluids”, Invited industrial speaker, SOR Annual Meeting 2019
  5. W.H. Hartt, E.J. Tozzi, and L.A. Bacca, “Flow of wormlike micelle solutions in simple and complex geometries” in Wormlike Micelles: Advances in Systems, Characterization and Applications, Ed. Cecile A. Dreiss and Yujun Feng (2017)
  6. W.H. Hartt and E.J. Tozzi, “Viscosity measurement of rapidly evolving biopolymer solutions and modeling of laminar pipe flow”, Invited plenary speaker for AIChE North American Mixing Forum, Quebec City 2016
  7. Y. Kim, A. Adams, W.H. Hartt, R.G. Larson, and M.J. Solomon, “Transient, near-wall shear-band dynamics in channel flow of wormlike micelle solutions”, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluids Mechanics, 232, 77-87 (2016)
  8. E.J. Tozzi, K.L. McCarthy, L.A. Bacca, W.H. Hartt, and M.J. McCarthy, “Quantifying mixing using magnetic resonance imaging”, The Journal of Visualized Experiments, 59, e3493 (2012)
  9. L.A. Bacca, W.H. Hartt, T. Mujmudar, and T. Ober, “Piling Up of Yield Stress Fluids”, Society of Rheology Annual Meeting, Madison, WI (2009)

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Office: 261 CLB
Phone: 302-831-8145
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