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Stanley I. Sandler

H.B. duPont Professor, Emeritus
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry


  • Doctorate – 1966 University of Minnesota
  • Bachelors – 1962 City College of New York


The major expense in the chemical pharmaceutical industries is the separations and purifications processes that are largely designed on the basis of phase equilibrium. Thermophysical properties and phase equilibria also play important roles in biochemical processing, environmental engineering and risk and safety analysis. Our research program encompasses each of these areas and includes basic theory, experimental measurements, and supercomputer simulation.

Select Publications 

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  1. D. S. H. Wong and S. I. Sandler, “A Theoretically Correct New Mixing Rule for Cubic Equations of State”, AIChE Journal 38, 671, (1992)
  2. S.-T. Lin and S. I. Sandler, “A Priori Phase Equilibrium Prediction from a Segment Contribution Solvation Model”, I&EC Research 41, 2332, (2002)
  3. J. B. Klauda and S. I. Sandler, “Global Distribution of Methane Hydrate in Ocean Sediment”, Energy and Fuels 19, 459, (2005)
  4. S. I. Sandler, “Thermodynamics”, fifth Edition 24, 641, (2006)
  5. S. I. Sandler, “Chemical, Biochemical and Engineering Thermodynamics, Fourth Edition”, (2006)
  6. S. I. Sandler, “An Introduction to Applied Statistical Thermodynamics, Fourth Edition”, (2010)
  7. S. I. Sandler and H. Orbey, “On the Thermodynamics of Microbial Growth Process”, Biotechnology and Bioengineering 38, 697, (1991)
  8. Ahmed, A. and Sandler, S. I., “Physicochemical Properties of Hazardous Energetic Compounds from Molecular Simulaiton”, Chem. Theory and Computation 9, 2389, (2013)
  9. S. I. Sandler, “Thermodynamics”, 5th Edition, (2007)
  10. K. L. Phillips, S. I. Sandler, R. W. Greene, D. M. Di Toro, “Quantum Mechanical Predictions of the Henry’s Law Constants and Their Temperature Dependence for the 209 Polychlorinated Biphenyl Congeners”, Envirn. Sci. & Tech. 42, 8412, (2008)

Patents (h3)

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  1. PPEPPD Eminence Award, Suzhou, China: 2010
  2. Hikal Distinguished Lectureship Award and Medal (CHEMCON: 2004)
  3. Charted Enginer (Europe): 2004
  4. Charted Scientist (Europe: 2004)
  5. Honorary Professorial Fellow (University of Melbourne: 2004 – 2009)
  6. Founders Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Chemical Engineering (American Institute of Chemical Engineers: 2004)
  7. Miegunyah Fellow (University of Melbourne: 2003)
  8. E. V. Murphree Award (American Chemical Society: 1998)
  9. Rossini Lecturer, Commission 1.2 (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry: 1997)
  10. Inaugural E. A. Mason Memorial Lecturer (Brown University: 1997)

Research Areas

Thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, computational quantum mechanics, phase equilibria, separations processes, biochemical separations.

Office: 263 CLB
Phone: 302-831-2945

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