Faculty Profile

Christopher J. Roberts


Associate Institute Director, National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals, USA

Director, Center for Biomanufacturing Science & Technology (CBST)


  • Doctorate – 1999 Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Masters – 1996 Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Bachelors – 1994 University of Delaware

About Christopher J. Roberts

Christopher J. Roberts is a Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware (UD). He is the Associate Institute Director for the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), and the Director of the Biomolecular Interaction Technology Center (BITC). He received a Bachelors of Chemical Engineering degree from UD, and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University. Prior to joining UD in 2002, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a formulation scientist for protein and small-molecule based drugs. The Roberts laboratory focuses on experimental and theoretical fundamentals and applications of protein physical and chemical stability, (mis)folding, aggregation, statistical mechanics, and kinetics to address questions of biopharmaceutical product design, stability, and manufacturing.

Select Publications 

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  1. Ferreira GM, Calero-Rubio C, Remmele RL, Samra H, Roberts CJ, “Electrostatically mediated protein-protein interactions for monoclonal antibodies: a combined experimental and coarse-grained molecular modeling approach,” J. Pharm. Sci., 108:120-132, (2019).
  2. Woldeyes MA, Battistoni C, Razinkov V, Furst EM, Roberts CJ, “How well do electrostatic protein-protein interactions predict changes in viscosity of monoclonal antibody solutions?,” J. Pharm. Sci., 108:142-154, (2019).
  3. Gomes D, Kalman RK, Pagels R, Rodrigues MA, Roberts CJ, “Parallel Chromatography and In Situ Scattering to Interrogate Competing Protein Aggregation Pathways,” Protein Sci, 27:1325-1333, (2018).
  4. Calero-Rubio C, Saluja A, Ghosh R, Roberts CJ, “Predicting high-concentration monoclonal antibody interactions with dilute solution data and coarse-grained molecular simulations,” J Pharm Sci, 107:1269-1281, (2018).
  5. O’Brien CJ, Calero-Rubio C, Razinkov V, Robinson AS, Roberts CJ, “Biophysical characterization and molecular simulation of electrostatically driven self-association of an anti-fluorescein single-chain antibody,” Protein Sci, 27:1275-1285, (2018).
  6. Rosa MF, Roberts CJ, Rodriguez MA, “Connecting High-Temperature and Low-Temperature Protein Stability and Aggregation,” PLOS One (online only), DOI: 10/1371/journal.pone.0176748, (2017).
  7. Woldeyes MA, Calero-Rubio C, Furst EM, Roberts CJ, “Predicting protein interactions in concentrated globular protein solutions using colloidal models,” J Phys Chem B, 121:4756-4767, (2017).
  8. Calero-Rubio C, Paik BA, Jia X, Kiick KL, Roberts CJ, “Predicting unfolding thermodynamics and stable intermediates for alanine-rich helical peptides with the aid of coarse-grained molecular simulation,” Biophys Chem, 217:8-19, (2016).
  9. Barnett GV, Drenski MC, Razinkov V, Reed WF, Roberts CJ, “Protein aggregation mechanisms and kinetics from combined monomer depletion rates and continuous scattering,” Analytical Biochem, 511:80-91, (2016).
  10. Roberts CJ, “Therapeutic protein aggregation: mechanisms, design, and control,” Trends Biotech, 32: 372-380, (2014).

Patents (h3)

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  1. Co-Chair, inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Biotherapeutics and Vaccines Development (2019)
  2. Inaugural John Finlayson Lecture, US Food & Drug Administration (2016)
  3. College of Engineering, Excellence-in-Teaching Award, University of Delaware (2008)
  4. AAPS Chapter Pharmaceutics Lecturer, University of Kansas (2006)
  5. AAPS New Investigator Award (Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology) (2005)
  6. Merck Faculty Fellow, University of Delaware (2004-2007)
  7. Ebert Prize, American Pharmaceutical Association & American Pharmaceutical Research Society (2004)

Research Areas

Protein biophysics and biotechnology; biopharmaceutical stability; statistical mechanics and thermodynamics; molecular modeling. 

Office: 501 BPI
Phone: 302-831-0838

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