Faculty Profile

Feng Jiao

Robert K. Grasselli Development Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Director, Center for Catalytic Science & Technology


  • Post-Doctorate – 2010 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Doctorate – 2008 University of St. Andrews
  • Bachelors – 2001 Fudan University

About Feng Jiao

Feng Jiao obtained his BSc in chemistry at Fudan University (2001) and his PhD degree in Chemistry at University of St Andrews (Scotland, 2008), before moving to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a postdoctoral scholar. He spent two years in Berkeley developing solar fuel technology and joined in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at the University of Delaware as an assistant professor in 2010. He has published more than 50 journal papers, such as Nature Communications, J. Am. Chem. Soc., and Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. His work in electrochemistry and catalysis has been recognized by several awards, including the MRS Graduate Student Award, the ACS PRF Award, and the NSF CAREER Award. His current research activities include nanoporous materials, electrocatalysis, batteries, and solar fuel production.

Select Publications 

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  1. Jiao, F.* & Xu, B. J.*, “Electrochemical ammonia synthesis and ammonia fuel cells”, Advanced Materials 1805173, (2018)
  2. Lv, J. J.#, Jouny, M.#, Luc, W., Zhu, W. L., Zhu, J. J. & Jiao, F.*, “A Highly Porous Copper Electrocatalyst for Carbon Dioxide Reduction”, Advanced Materials 30, 1803111, (2018)
  3. Jouny, M., Luc, W., & Jiao, F.*, “High-rate electroreduction of carbon monoxide to multi-carbon products”, Nature Catalysis 1, 748, (2018)
  4. Luc, W., Jouny, M., Rosen, J., & Jiao, F.*, “Carbon Dioxide Splitting using an Electro-Thermochemical Hybrid Looping Strategy”, Energy & Environmental Science 11, 2928, (2018)
  5. Jouny, M., Luc, W., & Jiao, F.*, “General Techno-Economic Analysis of CO2 Electrolysis Systems”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57, 2165, (2018)
  6. Luc, W., Collins, C., Wang, S. W., Xin, H. L., He, K., Kang, Y. J. & Jiao, F.*, “Ag-Sn bimetallic catalyst with a core-shell structure for CO2 reduction”, Journal of the American Chemical Society139, 1885, (2017)
  7. Luc, W. & Jiao, F.*, “Synthesis of nanoporous metals, oxides, carbides, and sulfides: beyond nanocasting”, Accounts of Chemical Research 49, 1351, (2016)
  8. Hutchings, G. S.#, Zhang, Y.#, Li, J., Yonemoto, B. T., Zhou, X., Zhu, K.*, & Jiao, F.*, “In situ Formation of Cobalt Oxide Nanocubanes as Efficient Oxygen Evolution Catalysts”, Journal of the American Chemical Society 137, 4223, (2015)
  9. Lu, Q., Hutchings, G. S., Yu, W., Zhou, Y., Forest, R. V., Tao, R., Rosen, J., Yonemoto, B. T., Cao, Z., Zheng, H., Xiao, J. Q., Jiao, F.*, & Chen, J. G.*, “Highly porous non-precious bimetallic electrocatalysts for efficient hydrogen evolution”, Nature Communications 6, 6567, (2015)
  10. Lu, Q.#, Rosen, J.#, Zhou, Y., Hutchings, G. S., Kimmel, Y. C., Chen, J. G., & Jiao, F.*, “A selective and efficient electrocatalyst for carbon dioxide reduction”, Nature Communications 5, 3242, (2014)


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Research Areas

Energy storage and conversion, Lithium-ion batteries, Solar energy harvesting, and Nanostructure materials.

Office: 331 CLB
Phone: 302-831-3679

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