Students gather to write thank you notes to University donors

Each year, thousands of University of Delaware donors give money for scholarships, awards, programs, facilities and countless other areas that help Blue Hens advance their educations.  For these students, personally thanking those who support their UD experience is meaningful.

On Sept. 27, more than 500 students attended Gratitude Gala and thoughtfully crafted messages of appreciation to the alumni, friends, parents, faculty and staff who help make their UD experience possible. Richard Egan, a senior in the College of Engineering and recipient of the Schipper Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Scholarship wrote to his scholarship donor Dr. Paul H. Schipper.

“I’ve never met Dr. Schipper but I would like to someday,” explained Egan. “His motivation for establishing this scholarship was so deeply personal it really made it easy for me to open up and be personal in my letter, too.”

Egan is a first generation college student studying Chemical Engineering in UD’s 4+1 program who hopes to help others through his work.  Next year, he will travel to Poland to study air pollution and then to Japan to study particle technology and atmospheric quality.

“Being a recipient of this scholarship has planted a seed inside of me to help others,” Egan said. “Just knowing that there are people who see me as the most valuable investment they can make says a lot. I want them to know that their investment in me doesn’t stop with me. There are ripple effects.”

Egan isn’t alone with these sentiments.  Around the room, students sat at tables, quietly scouring sheets of paper, searching for the words to describe the incredible impact donors have had on their lives. For some, that means being able to pursue internships and professional development experiences. For others, it means learning to balance academics and athletics.  For Egan, it means having access to innovative resources and research opportunities.

“Philanthropy directly helped me afford to pursue a master’s degree and it’s paved the way for me to be able to conduct research,” he said.

Click here to read Egan’s note to Dr. Schipper and further share in their story.

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