CBE Approved CHEG Electives

Course NumberCourse Name
BINF694Systems Biology I
BISC602Molecular Biology of Animal Cells
BISC609Molecular Biology of the Cell
BISC650/CHEM650Protein Structure in Cell Biology
BMEG645Material-Body Interfaces
BMEG661Cell Engineering
BMEG679Intro to Medical Imaging System
CHEM603Practical MMR Spectroscopy
CHEM606Chemistry-Biology Interface Experience
CHEM620Analytical Spectroscopy
CHEM629Surface Chemistry & Analysis
CHEM633Advanced Organic Chemistry:Physical
CHEM637Practical Molecular Spectroscopy
CHEM671Quantum Chemistry
CHEM678Structure and Properties of Surfaces
CHEM686Biophysical Chemistry
CIEG603Applied Environmental Toxicology
CISC684Intro to Machine Learning
ELEG815Analytics I: Statistical Learning
ELEG845Modern Machine Learning
MAST688Climate Change Economics
MATH637Mathematical Techniques in Data Science
MATH817Introduction to Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
MATH838Finite Element and Boundary Element Methods
MEEG667Energy Storage
MSEG608Structure of Materials I
MSEG625High Technology Entrepreneurship
MSEG660Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering
MSEG667Advances in 2D Materials
MSEG804Kinetics of Materials
MSEG832Principles of Polymerization
MSEG835Principles of Polymer Physics
MSEG841Solid State Materials

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