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Faculty Profile

Bingjun Xu

Associate Professor
Centennial Development Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering


  • Post-Doctorate – 2013 California Institute of Technology
  • Doctorate – 2011 Harvard University
  • Masters – 2007 Fudan University
  • Bachelors – 2004 Fudan University

About Bingjun Xu

Dr. Bingjun Xu is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at University of Delaware. Dr. Xu received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, advised by Prof. Friend, from Harvard University in 2011 and worked with Prof. Davis at Caltech as a postdoctoral researcher. Dr. Xu joined the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at University of Delaware in 2013. The overarching goal of Xu research group is to develop innovative strategies to produce renewable electricity, fuels and chemicals by the rational design of efficient thermo- and electro- catalytic processes. A special focus is placed on the mechanistic understanding of surface-mediated reactions by employing and developing state-of-the-art spectroscopic and kinetic techniques. Major research thrusts in the Xu group include: 1) biomass upgrade to renewable fuels and high value chemicals; 2) renewable electricity powered electrochemical reduction of N2 and CO2 to ammonia and valuable oxygenates, respectively; 3) catalyst and membrane development for hydrogen-powered hydroxide exchange membrane fuel cells; and 4) selective activation of light hydrocarbons to liquid fuels and chemicals.

Select Publications

For a complete listing of publications, please view the Full CV.

  1. X. Yang, S. Kattel, J. Nash, X. Chang, J. Lee, Y. Yan*, J. Chen* and B. Xu*, “Quantification of Active Sites and Elucidation of Reaction Mechanism of Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction Reaction on Vanadium Nitride”, Angew. Chem. In. Ed., (2019, in press)
  2. J. Wang, Y. Zhao, B. Setzler, S. Rojas-Carbonell, C. Yehuda, A. Amel, M. Page, L. Wang, K. Hu, L. Shi, S. Gottesfeld, B. Xu*, Y. Yan*, “Poly(aryl piperidinium) Membranes and Ionomers for Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells”, Nat. Energy, 4, 392, (2019).
  3. A. Malkani, M. Dunwell, B. Xu*, “Operando Spectroscopic Investigations of Copper and Oxide Derived Copper Catalysts for Electrochemical CO Reduction”, ACS Catal., 9, 474, (2019).
  4. H. Cho, D. Kim, J. Li, D. Su, B. Xu*, “Zeolite Encapsulated Pt Nanoparticles for Tandem Catalysis”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 140, 13514, (2018).
  5. X. Yang, J. Nash, J. Anibal, M. Dunwell, S. Kattel, E. Stavitski, K. Attenkofer, J. Chen*, Y. Yan*, B. Xu*, “Mechanistic Insights into Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction Reaction on Vanadium Nitride Nanoparticles”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 140, 13387, (2018).
  6. M. Dunwell, W. Luc, Y. Yan*, F. Jiao*, B. Xu*, “Understanding Surface-Mediated Electrochemical Reactions: 2-Electron CO2 Reduction and Beyond”, ACS Catal., 8, 8121, (2018).
  7. M. Dunwell, X. Yang, B. Setzler, J. Anibal, Y. Yan*, B. Xu*, “Examination of Near-Electrode Concentration Gradients and Kinetic Impacts on the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 using Surface Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy”, ACS Catal., 8, 3999, (2018).
  8. N. Gould, B. Xu*, “Quantification of Acid Site Densities on Zeolites in the Presence of Solvents via Determination of Extinction Coefficients of Adsorbed Pyridine”, J. Catal., 358, 80, (2018).
  9. M. Dunwell, Q. Lu, J. Heyes, J. Rosen, J. Chen, Y. Yan*, F. Jiao*, B. Xu*, “The Central Role of Bicarbonate in the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 on Gold”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 3774, (2017).
  10. J. Zheng, B. Xu*, Y. Yan*, “Universal Dependence of Hydrogen Oxidation and Evolution Reaction Activity of Platinum-Group-Metals on pH and Hydrogen Binding Energy”, Sci. Adv., 2, e1501602, (2016).


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For a complete listing of awards, please view the Full CV.

  1. I&EC 2018 Class of Influential Researchers: 2018
  2. National Science Foundation CAREER Award: 2017
  3. Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award: 2016
  4. ACS Petroleum Research Fund Doctoral New Investigator Award: 2015
  5. University of Delaware Research Foundation Award: 2015
  6. National Graduate Research Award of American Vacuum Society: 2011
  7. Fieser Lectureship of Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University: 2011
  8. Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad: 2011
  9. Harvard Graduate Consortium on Energy and Environment Fellowship: 2008

Research Areas

Heterogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, mechanistic studies of surface mediated reactions, in-situ spectroscopies, biomass conversion, light alkane activation and fuel cells.

Office: 329 CLB
Phone: 302-831-6725

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